Community Engagement Sessions for Workforce Development Training Organizations

Community Engagement Sessions for Workforce Development Training Organizations


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    All virtual meetings will be held 10:00 - 11:00 AM. All of the core meeting content is the same, with some meetings having different guest speakers to introduce the topic. You can attend any meeting.


  • 5/4/2021 - 5/25/2021
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  • Community Engagement Sessions for Workforce Development Training Organizations

    The mission of DEED is to grow Minnesota's economy for everyone. One of the most important ways we pursue that mission is through partnerships. Minnesota is home to many nonprofit and civic organizations who are building innovative solutions to help Minnesotans from all backgrounds find meaningful employment across the state. DEED offers the opportunity to apply for competitive grants for these organizations to partner with us in providing workforce development training and services.  
    We need to ensure that organizations across the state are aware of these competitive grant opportunities so that we serve more Minnesotans who need our help most. With this in mind, DEED is convening several virtual Community Engagement Sessions to ensure we are raising awareness about workforce development grant opportunities for community organizations throughout the state. Details and registration information are below.


    • Meet you virtually and learn about your work.
    • Provide information on upcoming DEED workforce development training competitive grant opportunities available for State Fiscal Years (SFY) 2022 and 2023.
    • Solicit community input and feedback.


    • Hamse Warfa, DEED Deputy Commissioner, Workforce Development
    • Marc Majors, DEED Director, Employment and Training Programs Division, Workforce Development
    • Kirk Crowshoe, DEED American Indian Liaison
    • Maureen Ramirez, DEED Director, Office of Economic Opportunity


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